Elemental forces exhibiting at The Minories, Colchester April 2018

Preview evening Friday, 6th April 2018

Saturday, 7th April to Thursday 26th April 2018

Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm

(closed Sundays and  Bank Holidays)

open to the public, free admission



The surrounding landscape is a vital part of inspiration, walking the Suffolk fields, to portray the ever changing view, where space and the elements are translated into colour.

Some work is based on life studies and our relationship with the landscape; the experience of moving within it creates our own elemental energy.

Ron Simms, The Minories previous CAS President – described Val’s work as “intensely coloured abstract bands – paintings that send your senses reeling – Hockney-like red rocky mountain effects – a hint of Ivon Hitchens and a splatter of Delaunay in the bright coloured swirls”.


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